Really Chip? Yes, 24 years.

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weddingIt 24 years ago tonight Chip and I were married. It was a stormy, rainy night with the effects of Hurricane Hugo bearing down with all her might. The day began very iffy…breezy and cool and partly cloudy. On the way to the church, the rain began and did not stop all night.  It did not matter.  I was getting married.

I could go on and on about that day.  The people I loved that were there with us that no longer are living among us.  They are in our heart and soul and now in the heart and soul of our children. The pictures and video tell a tale of the ceremony and reception and David Sanborn’s The Dream still makes us stop and dance when it plays on my iPod. The real story is in how a marriage lasts when you could kill him one day, and laugh about it the next. I’m sure my sheer perfection in everything I do never drives him to that point, right?

Far be it for me to give marital advise but I will tell you one thing I know for sure.  That first date, when I sat with Chip in The Gingerman over a glass of wine, I KNEW.  I just knew he was the one.  Maybe that’s why we have made it this far.  It has not been easy all the time. We lived apart for the first six years of our marriage.  We were a commuting couple of the 90’s.  We went through all the infertility ups and downs, childbirth, miscarriage, illness and broken bones. (I still won’t tell how I broke my ribs.)

Happy Anniversary Ants, Anthony, Chip, Chipper and all the other ways I have called your name.  Thank you for being such a good sport with this blog and allowing me to share our life stories with family, friends and strangers. (Tony Shades of Grey) Thank you for every poopy diaper you changed; every night you massaged my feet; every flight of stairs you have taken because I am afraid of the elevator and every day  that I have with you.  Don’t get too comfy and start feel all mushy. Remember the deal:  The ‘contract’ renews every 5 years and next year is 25 years, it’s a BIG one.

I love you.  K.

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  1. Anthony

    Karen, I love you for everything you are and everything you do…Wife Mother, Friend, Chef, Writer, Daughter, Sister, Business Woman…it’s all what makes you “You” and me the luckiest guy alive. As for getting comfortable…Yeah right!

  2. Terri

    Happy Anniversary! I had no idea! Much love and happiness for many more years to come!

  3. Mom & Dad

    It’s a bit difficult to absorb the fact that this anniversary has come! I guess Mom and I should start taking our ages seriously.You two have been a great couple and have put together a family to be proud of—-especially to two lives you’ve created together—-two wonderful young people of outstanding character—it just doesn’t get any better than that. To describe how special you all are to us is beyond my verbal skill–safe to say if I had it to do over again, I’d have the same three kids all over again and the same 5 grandkids!! We love you beyond description and cherish the beautiful years we’ve had thus far. With any luck we’ll be here a welcome the great grand children———————-LUV YA Pop & Nonni

  4. Mom & Dad

    Dear Karen and Chip—It’s almost impossible to comprehend that this anniversary has come so soon! Mom and I are so very proud of what you two have accomplished together and———————————–the best is yet to come! It ‘s proof that what I have put my faith in all these years is real. And the best reality of all is your precious children. I hope I’ll have the good fortune to see them at the height of there powers—plying their gifts an talents and creating a better world than the one they came into—-The two are dynamite; don’t be afraid to expect the best—–they’re your kids! We love you and take great pride in all you have accomplished to date—-hang in there the next –the next 20 will be even more challenging!! God Bless, Nonni & Pop

  5. Dolly Knight


    all I can say is that was beautiful. I’m jealous…..DAMN YOU!!!!!


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