Quiet and White….

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It is way before 6am and I have returned from my trek to the gym. The warnings are all over the news and radio and my iPad has ben dinging all night with warnings of this pending storm. Sadly, I missed the Facebook post from my instructor so I drove to the gym only to find the classes cancelled. The drive was actually quite beautiful, and quiet.  Fredrick has no problem in the snow, and we maneuvered at a steady pace. (To the guy in the dark blue mini-van who rode my fanny all the way down Balltown Road:  If you fish tail once, that’s your indication to SLOW DOWN.)

I was scheduled to go to the office in White Plains/NYC and thanks to my VP, we moved it to next week. I will work from home today. I have a lot to do and it is easier with the beautiful view from my home office. School is cancelled. Kids have been notified.  Happiness is abound.

I am sitting here, literally in the glow of the Christmas Tree. It is beautiful and serene.  I get somewhat melancholy right after Christmas knowing it is over and the reality of day-in and day-out life will soon take over.  Somehow when the house is decorated, the vacuuming is easier; the push to get homework done is less argumentative and even Izzy sleeps a little deeper on my lap. Walking Izzy on a snowy morning when all the neighborhood houses are lit with multicolored lights creates a magical path. I really hate for it to end.

On that note, I think I’ll shower now and prepare for the day to begin. I have a large Dunkin Donuts that I  picked up already so that makes the day pretty good right out of the gate. But before I go any further,  I’ll  try and hold a plank for 30 seconds. Yes, you read that right–30 seconds.  I have no upper body strength and according to Adrean, this is the year of the plank. See? Tranquility is already slipping away. (Be careful out there.)


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