Quarantine: Dawn of Day Four

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A little over a week ago, we tackled the 18-hour drive to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to return my only (Italian) son Jack to the Crimson Tide. Jack is a junior, and you’d think by now, I would be used to leaving him. I am proud to say that I only cried while in the state of Alabama this time. By the time we got to Georgia, I was feeling much better.

As mentioned in my previous post, We are Small, Chip and I spend the better part of a week on Oak Island, NC.  My friend Barb’s beach house is an oasis and calms the soul like no other. The sound of the ocean and the stars at night are magnificent, but the outdoor shower is the best part. Peace came as I stood beneath the water with four little frogs and the sun above me.

Outdoor shower in NC

Shower guest!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, live, learn, and travel. The trip to Alabama and home from North Carolina took us through 10 states with varying degrees of compliance. Masks, no masks. Distance, no distance. None-the-less, we are quarantining for 14 days. Estimated date of release: Saturday morning, August 29th.

Here we sit.

Friday appeared to be a typical day because work came in with a vengeance. Even though I worked a bit from NC, my plate was full. I was thankful for the distraction. That evening, we made our Friday night pizza as usual, and the day seemed like any other Friday.

Saturday, not so much. No long walk. No ‘parking lot’ class at Crunch Fitness. No cold brew coffee from Stewarts. That’s ok. We had a ton of work to do around the house- and we did.

  • We finished unpacking and doing the leftover laundry.
  • Clean! We deep cleaned the house top to bottom. The basement is another story with remnants of Jack and friends still lingering.
  • I baked some homemade Empty Nest Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • I washed Izzy’s bed and blankets.
  • I think I shed a tiny tear as I stared at my empty cheese grotto.
  • The house is decorated for Fall and Halloween. (What else did I have to do?)

Sunday, we hit the yard with some weeding and pruning. We filled the bird feeder, which was long overdue, and then headed to the basement for a little ‘straightening up.’ Three garbage bags later, it was time for a snack. Did I mention wine before? Yes, wine is a form of medicine and should be used as needed.

My feelings of antsy-ness exist on many levels.

Remember when you were a kid and sitting in church (or temple), and your mother told you to be quiet or not to laugh, and that made you want to laugh even more? That is what quarantine feels like. The more you know you cannot just run out and grab a Burrata for dinner; the more obsessed you are with getting it.

My brain and body must move. It is that simple. Death Wish Coffee ensures that I do move, and to them, I am thankful. All of you should feel bad for Chip since he is a prisoner in both his quarantine and mine. He takes things in stride. Thank goodness for that, or the kids would find us both dead from the unforeseen side effects of quarantine.

I jest.

I hope you can find some humor in this post, and in no way am I making light of the COVID situation or the physical and economic pain it has caused. Both Chip and I own small businesses, and the pandemic has taken its toll. Being quarantined adds to stress, and I hoped to find some light, at least for a little while.

Please be safe, wear your masks, keep a distance, and be kind. Oh, and keep a lookout on the 29th when I am released. Look out Wegmans- here I come!

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