Pilgrims and Zumba?

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Happy Thanksgiving!  It is early and I am savoring a quiet cup of coffee and contemplating the day ahead of fun, family and of course food!  Yesterday I made the items that I could ahead of time: sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and the world famous Harvey Wallbanger Cake (thanks Cynthia).  I made my list and checked it twice (ha ha) to be sure I had all the pre-dinner goodies, dinner items, this year to include a Tur-Duck-En; and desserts all mapped out and ready to be synchronized in delivery. I always have music on the radio or my iPod when I cook.  It adds to the flow of creative juices, or at least I think so. My husband came home from work around noontime and heard the music from the garage: Pitbull and a host of Latin Zumba artists that I would not insult by misspelling the names of their songs or their groups! I was rockin’ to a salsa step to “5 Letres” by Reggaeton as the water was boiling.  I was covered in mashed potatoes by the time the music changed to “Boom Boom Pow” by  Black Eyed Peas!  Izzy, my pug, was looking at me with a face that said “just cook the turkey so I can eat too!”  I love to dance and cook and like all of us that sing in our car like we are Bruce Springsteen, I dance like Jennifer Lopez around my Kitchenaid Mixer!
I am off to Zumba with Judy this morning armed with a sample of my Italian Hummus to share with my Zumba pack of friends.  HappyThanksgivng to you all and let’s be thankful for each other and all the things we are blessed with on this day. One of them being that you innocent people, unlike Izzy, never have to see me dance like that!

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