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Peace is a funny word. People find peace in different places. With the Christmas holiday behind us and a new decade coming towards us, I thought I would simply list some things that I find peace in (or with) and I would love to hear where you find peace in return. So, I find peace:

©      At the sound of my Pug Izzy snoring with my son while they sleep cheek to cheek.
©      With the bounce of Amelia’s basketball when she is working hard to overcome a skill that needs find tuning.
©      When the coffee aroma makes its way up the stairs at 6am.
©      Listening to husband powder his feet in the morning, as I have the past 24 years.
©      Walking the dog when it is snowing hard and the neighbors Christmas lights are glowing.
©      Listening to my kids when they are laughing and picking on each other in fun.
©      Screaming at the top of my lungs as a Lacrosse mom, “Hit him, hit him”. (ok maybe not peace per se, but it sure feels good)
©      COOKING just about anything!
©      In the cool-down after a wicked sweaty class of Zumba.
©      On the deck at Skaneateles Lake with a cup of coffee and my husband.
©      At the campfire when later that night, I go in and my clothes still smell like lake and smoke.
©      When I squint my eyes and look at the Christmas tree and see the lights really shine. It reminds me of doing that as a kid.

I really could go on forever. That makes me very fortunate, and blessed.  I have this time now to think as the relatives are gone and the gifts opened and in play.  The cookies and candy are still milling around and so are the smells of the season.  Merry Christmas and a happy, blessed New Year.


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