“Our Germans”- Day 16

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(written on Saturday, Day 15.)
I am sitting here with Izzy snoring on my lap.  The house is very quiet and the mood is somewhat somber.  Chip and Jack are in Connecticut for a regatta.  The girls and I have been eating, then shopping, then eating for the last 5 hours and they are “pooped”.  I  know that’s not why it is quiet.

It is quiet because they leave Sunday.

For the past 2 weeks I have had three children in the house.  Charlotte and Alina merged into our family and into our hearts so seamlessly.  If only Amelia were here to have experienced it.

Their visit has made me look at myself, my family and my country in a new way.  Some people said to me they didn’t know if they would want ‘someone living in their home’. I didn’t have ‘someone’.  I had a culture, a country and part of a two families merging into our lives.

So now they must leave to see more of our country. I will miss so many things but here are a few:

Closed doors. The doors are always closed and it makes me smile.

Knocking on the doors and hearing the response in German… and then an “oops, sorry.”

The change in language from English to German when they get excited or tired.

Eating Ben & Jerry’s at 9:30pm standing in my unfinished kitchen laughing and talking about everything from chocolate to the presidential election.

Charlotte taking an afternoon run and worrying until she returned.

Alina siting on the balcony and looking down into the family room, legs swinging like Amelia had done so many times. ( she did it while I was typing this)

I will miss all the Germans coming and going from my basement with smiles and a hello. Always a thank you. Usually with a hug.

Chuck Taylors. They all wear them!

Jack’s laughter and pure happiness with all these kids in the house.  He once asked Santa for 5 brothers and I think this exchange surpassed that request.

To charlotte and Alina ‘s parents:  Thank you. Thank you for sending your daughters to my home. It was our pleasure and in return I will send my son to you for safe keeping.

So Godspeed ladies and thank you for impacting my family’s life in such a wonderful way. My husband and I promise to come to Germany for our 30th anniversary in 3 short years.

Many hugs and kisses.

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