One Hundred Push-Ups: Week Two/Day Three

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My arms feel like spaghetti…not al dente but mushy, overcooked, “American spaghetti”.  The jump from 33 to 40 counter-level push-ups was huge. My upper body was shaking from lifting the weight back up.  The down is easy, the back up…not so much.

Today is my birthday and in 12 months I will be 50, God willing.  I thought all day about that next birthday, I don’t know why.Not in an “oh my God, I need Botox” way but in a reflective way. When I was doing the push-ups, it dawned on me.  I will make one change to my life for each of the next 12 months.  Kind of like an ongoing New Year’s resolution.  I have at least 12 things I can do better, correct, eliminate or change.  This push-up challenge is a perfect way to start my 49th year.

I have been so lucky so far and I hoping this year will be great and when I sit down 12 months from now and share with you all those 50th birthday thoughts, I will be a better person.

We are off and running, or lifting in this case. Friday: 48 push-ups!

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