One Hundred Push-Ups: Week Two/Day One

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For the record, there is a H-U-G-E difference between a wall push-up and a counter push-up. My triceps were crying out, ” please no more, what have we done to you?”

This is the next stage, the critical step, the whole enchilada. I completed the 33 counter level push-ups today and it feels good. I have this week to build some strength and mental toughness because next week, we get lower to the floor with chair push-ups.

I have balanced my workout schedule between weight training classes and cardio (Zumba). This past weekend, I was so lucky to have my daughter with me at the Zumba-thon to raise money for the flood victims. We completed 2 hours and 40 minutes and burned 1163 calories. Then yesterday we did one more hour at another 560 calories. She was a trooper moving those long legs, pony tail wagging and singing along with me to my favorite Pitbull songs. Like mother, like daughter!

My birthday is this week so I am 12 months from turning 50…and I am 33 push-ups closer to that perfect floor push-up. I do not want to jinx myself but I am hoping this last year of my 40’s will be great. I started a new job, lost a few pounds, even purged my old underwear. (Don’t worry Ron, I kept the good ones.(inside joke)). I have a great family and a pug that snores in my ear every night that she sleeps with us.

Week one is past, week two is present and weeks three and four…bring it on!

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