One Hundred Push-Ups: Week Three/Day Two

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Now that I have had my pity party for not being able to do the push-ups from a chair, I am coming back with a vengeance.  I did the 40 push-ups on the counter tonight after an hour of Zumba.  Thanks to my friends, Jennifer, Gina and Judy…..great support ladies, thank you.

It seems like the day-to-day issues of family life should count towards activity and calorie burn.  The restraint it takes to not get an ulcer burns at least as much as 15 minutes of Zumba.  Follow my thought pattern if you would:
        1. Homework not done and it is 9pm:  400 calories
        2. House is a mess, dog is not walked:  1000 calories in addition to the 1900 steps it takes to walk a pug who has to think about going to the bathroom like her life depends on it.
        3.  Listening to Amelia tell me how her brother is “dead to her” after they played a competitive game of basketball in the driveway. Dead to her? Really? What an Italian actress…. at least 2000 calories.
        4. Opening a bottle of wine when the cork will not give and all of the above items have brought you to it:  Priceless!

Carry on!  Off to tuck kids in bed, cuddle my pug and relax with my husband before I fall asleep to CNN.

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