One Hundred Push-Ups: Week One/Day Four

by | Sep 29, 2011 | Blog | 0 comments

This is a rest day from the program and the chisel class this morning was a perfect substitution for the usual regiment. We held a plank position for 1 minute/45 seconds.  I had to raise my butt once or twice for relief but it’s getting there.

The push-ups total for the class was about 45 and I was able to do them on the wall fairly easily. The key is in the weight lifting to build those arm muscles.  That is going to take me time.  I was not going to be the only one with the weenie little lime green weights.  There are a few grandmothers in that class pushing 10-12 pound weights.  I like to justify in my mind that they had it harder in their earlier years.  They had no first floor laundry rooms, no food processors to chop and grind food and as my own grandmother said, “we walked uphill to school, both ways!”

So I will keep lifting, keep pushing and maybe I will walk to Starbuck’s in the morning for that non-fat Latte!

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