One Hundred Push-Ups: Week One/Day Five

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I look good for a dead woman, yes, a dead woman.  My husband called me this morning after sitting down with our insurance broker and proceeded to tell me that a major company used by insurance companies had me listed with a status of “deceased”. My birthday is in 5 days and I am not deceased, I assure you. Hey, I am no longer gray either….I am a warm shade of brown/red.  It is sad though when you have to dye your eyebrows too. What’s that all about?

This morning after yesterday’s 2 1/2 hours of exercise classes, significant muscle groups on this old body felt deceased.  I am ending Week One and I completed my 48 push-ups for the day.  Now I have 2 days of rest.  The Zumba marathon is Saturday from 10-1pm.  That should burn some calories and give me a cardio workout.

Being Italian and terribly superstitious when I heard the news of my ‘passing on’, I quickly made the sign of the cross and hoped it was not a foreshadow. I may have to do double duty at mass this weekend for some extra brownie points. If you remember I wrote about my secretary Phyllis and the little red ribbon she made me wear on my bra for months.  I have that tied to my Franklin Planner of all things.  I may need to rely on that one more time.

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