Once a Blue Devil…Always a Blue Devil

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I have proudly been a Blue Devil for 42 years. COVID may have stolen our 40th celebration but not our spirit. My high school memories are strong, and I am thankful for the many friendships I still enjoy over these four decades. Some members of my class were gone, and we paid them tribute by sharing stories and hugging each other just a little bit closer.

“I don’t want to go to my reunion.”

Why? Because we don’t look the same? Because we have lived a life that delivered a few bumps and bruises.  I came alone this year as a widow. I still cannot believe it when I say that word.  I didn’t want to go, but I am glad I did.  Ok, and truth be told, I did use the ‘widow card’ to guilt Shelly and Ronnie into coming so I wouldn’t be alone. (…and maybe I used it a few more times too.)

I tell you all this because I want to see you all in 3 years when we celebrate 45 years together. We do not want to gather around the Memory Wall with regret that we didn’t have the chance to share a memory, a hug, or perhaps an adult beverage. I wrote this blog post after our 35th reunion, Pasta on the Floor:

I found it funny that with some of my classmates, it felt like not a day had passed, and with others, once those 1970’s songs were mentioned, and a few rounds of ‘kill the hill’ were chanted, we were back in 1979.  We have lost some of our classmates, and although they will not pass this way again in person, they will forever be in our hearts.  We will remember them and mourn. (It’s ok)

 Many of us have lived through cancer, illness, and family members’ loss, which could have slowed us down, but we remained strong…and present.  That is what matters.  It’s not the car you drive or the job you have. It is not a home or bank account.  And to my friends, as we discussed: IT IS NOT HOW YOU LOOK.

I was also worried about how I looked after all these years! Really?  I thought to myself yesterday morning, do I look like I have been out of school 35 years?   I thought to myself, “What the hell, Karen, really?” All I know is that those hugs felt good, and laughing and smiling for that long made me feel lighter in the soul.”

Raise your glass

Did I convince you to come to the 45th reunion? I hope so; I need those hugs and long to hear updates on your life—cheers to the Class of 1980. If you missed Steve Zadoorian’s toast, I have shared it below.

Hi, I am Steve Zadoorian. Welcome to the Class of 1980 42nd Linton High School Class Reunion! Little did we know or expect that 42 years after we walked across the graduation stage, we would still be celebrating our commonality- Graduates of the Class of 1980.

Some of the best memories in our lives happened between 1976 and 1980.  Many of our classmates met their spouses, and others built a lifetime of friendships and memories. Some we have lost sadly and tragically. Their souls will forever be a part of ours, and we are grateful for the memories.

In the old days, rotary phones were hardwired to the kitchen wall. Today, we have cell phones and social media to keep us close, so we are never too far away. I see us on Facebook sharing pictures of our children, grandchildren, and pets!  Be sure to tell your families the stories of your time at Linton High School.  Teach them the value of friendship and camaraderie and the impact they can make in their lives. For that, I am forever thankful.  

Raise your glasses, Class of 1980, until we meet again. I wish you health and happiness.  Salute!

Be well. I will see you in three years and if you need a push, email me at pastaonthefloor@yahoo.com.


Linton Blue Devils

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