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…I watch the Hallmark Channel for holiday movies…..Countdown to Christmas!  The holiday season’s movies started this past Saturday and I have been glued to that channel watching every sappy, tear jerk-er, “boy meets girl-boy loses girl-boy gets girl” show. Moonlight & Mistletoe, Holiday in Handcuffs, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Three Gifts and so many more!

I cannot lie to you and tell you that I never watch love stories because I do.  I think it is hard wired  in my genes.  My grandmother was a hopeless romantic. I think I have written about this before….she was the oldest of 5 children, 4 sisters and a brother.  She met my Uncle Tony first and wrote him love letters and signed my Aunt Anna’s name!  He fell in love with and married my Aunt Anna…or so the story goes.

My dating life began in 9th grade and I was so lucky to have dated the kindest and sweetest guys.  I remember holding hands walking up The Plaza and that feeling was so sweet. I still look back at those days and smile. That first kiss on the steps of St. Stephen’s is something I will never forgot.  Nor will I forget the way my husband kissed me the first time…he took my breath away.  I knew on that first date that he was the one I would marry. A kiss is a very powerful thing and I truly feel is more ‘connecting’ than any other form of intimacy. A good kiss is good, a great kiss is a life-changer!

So when I watch these movies, I  root for the guy who tries so hard, and the girl who doesn’t see he loves her.  I curse the evil boyfriend/girlfriend that cheats or deceives. and for 2 hours, I don’t think about the stresses of life or work.  I can just ‘be’.  How many of us do that…just ‘be’?  Try it, it is quite cathartic.

I am not a Steven Seagal fan and I cannot watch Gladiator, Terminator or Die Hard. I can watch the volleyball scene from Top Gun or the love scene from a James Bond movie. What I would give to be Miss Moneypenny for a day!

I feel better I got that out and confessed my secret vice.  While I am being honest, I will tell you that I pick out all the brown M&M’s from the jar, eat Peanut Butter from the jar with a spoon and when I am really sad or upset, I talk to my dog Izzy and I swear she understands me.

Tell someone you love something you do that they might not know about you.  In exchange, ask that they tell you something too.  You may be surprised, but you will not be disappointed!

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