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I think we could all use a little levity. Between the snow looming over the northeast and our bodies longing for flip flops, sunshine and warmth, we all seem to be in need of something lighthearted, perhaps silly?  I think I can help, and so can Kate.

About a month ago I wrote a post entitled, They have a personal trainer for that?  The topic was about bladder issues, prolapsed bladder, fallen pelvic floor, however you wish to call it. The jest of the article was dealing with the need for a personal trainer/physical therapist for my girly parts.

The post was met with wonderful comments and thanks for the information, yet a few Debbie Downers added comments off line that the content may have been TMI.  I’m ok with that.  We are all entitled to our opinions and you are free to go to the comments section below any post and comment away.

However, the message was heard loud and clear to the women who I see every day and I never knew struggled with this type of problem.  The range goes from leaking when exercising to full out incontinent.  It made me both sad that they have lived with it and hopeful that my experiences may help.  They too need a personal trainer for their Va-Jay-Jay.  To date, I have had five women come to me inquiring about the process and what I am doing to correct it.  That is what an open forum or blog is meant to do.  It seems education and humor can indeed coexist.

Today, I had my second session with my physical therapist and all around va-jay-jay trainer, Kate.  She is awesome, funny and her humor is right up my alley.  We laugh about the indelicate nature of the subject matter, the exercises, and well, let’s say I have never had PT like this before. Chip is a good sport and came along for the first appointment. He was great, and it made the situation less awkward.  I think husbands tagging along is unusual for most of her patients, but you are kind of in this together, aren’t you?

I did get a couple of “good job!” and “concentrate, you’re doing great” comments.  I did not get a reading on my Fitbit, nor did my heart rate elevate to the level of a weekend spin class but I bet you that little muscle grew a bit today.

Soon the session was over, and I left with my exercises for the week promising Kate that  I would use the tools she gave me as well as following the detailed exercise sheets. I slugged down the rest of my Starbucks and off I went.

Kate,sincerely, thank you for working with me and hopefully keeping me out of the OR so we can strengthen my muscles without surgery.  Kegels are your friend ladies.  Repeat, “Kegels are my friend.”

Ready? Set? Exhale and Squeeeeeze!

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