Now I know why they wear velcro sneakers and sweat pants

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As a follow up from my recent post on the dangerous baked brie, I am now into my 4th week with this tendonitis/arthritis/old-lady-thing going on with my left thumb and hand. The dull ache and pain is ridiculous.

I have been working with a lovely woman, who shall remain nameless, at Sunnyview Rehab Center. I am embarrassed to even whine about this when these poor people have it rough, I mean rough. My little piddley thumb in no way compares to missing limbs, brain injury and serious rehab up to and including learning to walk.

Ok, now that I have taken the high road, it’s time to vent a bit about how things have changed for “Miss Hyper-Antsy”. The “Little Shop of Horrors Lady” made this lovely, Niskayuna Red, one of a kind albatross in order to insure that my movements are minimal.  I have already been through three other braces and I believe that was no veiled threat this morning when she promised to cast my arm next if you don’t stop moving. She wins this round.

(and thank you for the compliment about my little bones and small wrist. As I said, I’d rather have those comments directly to my butt and gut!)

As you can see from my the selfie of my left hand,  I am now almost totally immobile.  That makes things interesting.

  1. Going to the Bathroom:  Wow. Now the whole sweatpants thing makes more sense.  Buttoning and unbuttoning jeans is near impossible.
  2. Putting on shoes: Again, wow.  I get it now.  Getting into my spin shoes will be a trick tomorrow morning. (Get ready Terri!)
  3. Hair-Ugh…the challenge of it!  Thank you to the ladies at Symetry Hair Studio who have taken care of my hair, and mental state, these past few weeks. I do give you all the credit when someone says my hair looks great.
  4. Typing: Considering I basically do this for a living, typing has been reduced to the right hand only with a stray key stroke by the left hand here and there.
  5. Driving: both a blessing and a curse:  Amelia can drive.  I just hold the rosary a bit tighter.
  6. Zumba and Spinning:  the old braces were a challenge, this is going to be interesting.  I’ll have to let you know how this works.  Sorry Adrean and Meghan, no BodyPump yet.)

On the flip side:

  1. No dish washing
  2. No folding laundry
  3. No cooking
  4. No cleaning
  5. No lifting (that does not include lifting a martini glass)

So I will try and be a good patient and let this thing heal.  I dislike not being able to do things myself and again, this is nothing in comparison to the others at Sunnyview. We may all get to that “Velcro sneakers and sweat pants” stage in life and I hope by then I greet it with grace and acceptance…..possible? Perhaps.hand

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