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Thank you to all my friends and family who rang in my 50th year with me this past weekend.  I had a ball reading all your Facebook comments and well wishes.  My spin instructor even had the class do 50-second jumps in class. (It didn’t make me a favorite with the gang that morning. They are hard to do.) Oh, and I gained 2.3 pounds of cheesecake, pizza, wine and cheese and chocolate covered fruit.  

Each month this past year, I professed to make changes in my life and/or to live better or sometimes to just chill out.  Here is the list of my 49th year’s monthly goals in review:

12 months to 50: Conquer 100 push-ups (man push-ups)

11 months to 50: Be a better laundress

10 months to 50: Branch out with my cooking and baking repertoire

  9 months to 50: Think before speaking

  8 months to 50: Find Peace

  7 months to 50: Work on better nutrition

  6 months to 50: Get my J-Lo on

  5 months to 50: Month off: no agenda

  4 months to 50: Increase my Italian vocabulary

  3 months to 50: No cursing

  2 months to 50: Say Thank You more often

  1 month to 50:   Update and change website look and feel

Wow, some winners, some losers. I went back and I read these monthly blog posts and I was surprised how much I did accomplish; and the things I did not, well, I guess that makes me a work in progress.

I look ahead now to the 50th year of my life and I want to strive to be better, in all things, not just these silly 12 items.  I want to be a better mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend.  Based on the overwhelming birthday wishes, calls and notes, I think I have just the support network to do that.

I hope you all like this new website format.  I would like to thank Chad Currin from website design.  He was so patient with me and unbelievably helpful.  I was melting down as this blog means a lot to me and I wanted it perfect. It is. Please contact him if you need website help.  He is the best.

Maybe hit a Dunkin’ Donuts for a discount, or perhaps an early bird special.  Thanks for welcoming me into this special club of 50+. Life is indeed, good.

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