My chi is off. I need a clementine.

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It is no secret that I am a freak about clementines.  I need to eat a clementine before I work out or I truly do believe something will happen.

I have not had a clementine in over a week.  I cannot find any non-skanky, unbruised or unbeaten clementines- anywhere.  I have looked, believe me. One sad sack of clementines was sitting on the shelf at Shoprite.  I cannot begin to describe the elation and subsequent let down when I lifted the bag to see rancid clementines.  Ugh.

When I spin, I have a process that I follow. I get there early at 5am in order to secure ‘my bike’ which we all know is now #87.  My old bike (it’s too painful to mention the number) was refurbished and was never the same. Then I peel and eat my darling clementine, pop a piece of gum, use a little lip balm, clip in and hop on for the ride.

That missing step of peeling the clementine, usually in a single peel is totally wrecking my chi and for someone so superstitious, it is freaking me out. I am so off.  My Fitbit is feeling it too.  The calorie counts are off by about 20%.

So in an effort to adjust and put on my big girl panties, I have tried apples, string cheese, nuts and even Death Wish Coffee. Will something tragic happen with this diversion from the plan? God forbid Marina parks in ‘my parking space’ that aligns the moon and all bets are off.

Habits create a comfort, in my opinion, that keep us all on the rails moving in the right direction. C’mon now, you all know you have your own set of  Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) type habits. (From the movie As Good as It Gets.)

Do you lose it if you go through the supermarket aisles out of order?

Do you always throw salt over your shoulder when you spill the shaker?

How about church: same pew? same parking space?

Tolls booths? need lane 4 all the time?

So before you judge my clementine habit with scrutiny or distain, take a look inwards and show a little love to thing particular nut. Oh, I gladly accept clementine donations.

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1 Comment

  1. Carrie Schlegel

    Hilarious! I can totally relate to this. I have a little superstitious thing I do with my necklace. I’m sure you’re right and we all have our own little habits that are kind of a big deal to each of us. Great post!


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