My 2 week and 3 pound hiatus.

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Why? Why do we punish ourselves during the holidays?  Does history not tell us that eating that cookie when no one is watching will most definitely appear to the general public on our thighs and will stay longer than an unwanted mother-in-law visit?

I am somewhat religious about working out. Ok, I am a cardio junkie. I have defied reason when I worked out after surgery with a boot peddling along on the recumbent bike or  sporting a bright red cast walking on the treadmill.  My diet was sailing along and I was, yes was, within reach of my first major weight loss milestone.

Christmas is big in my house and with that comes the celebration of wine, food and family, not necessarily in that order.  Cookies, pizza, wine, cheeses and my favorite Prosecco!  After the high of these forbidden foods  comes the thought process of rationalizing, “It’s the weekend, I think I’ll take a break and get back to the gym on Monday.”  Monday?  Are you kidding?  Who are you and what have you done with Karen?

And so begins that slippery slope.  A small .4 pound gain.  Then another .5 gain, then before you know it, its 3 pounds!  My poodle Sukki weighed 3 pounds and now I am carrying her on my butt.


And so the purge begins. Cookies and candy out of sight or gone? Check.  My beloved prosecco swapped for a nice hot cup of mint tea to relax? Ugh, check.  Time set aside to get some new sneakers and commit to that 6 day schedule again? Check. You bet.

I know I am not alone and I am not above asking for help so if I text you to see if you’re going to Zumba, Step or Spin, say YES and make sure I get there.  I’ll return the favor if you need it.

My hiatus is officially over. Carbs kicked to the curb. A fresh stockpile of PB2 and yogurt. Cottage cheese and turkey.  We got this people. Raw nuts are not the same as grammee’s butter cookies but my butt will thank me come 4th of July.

Note: this is not a New Year’s resolution.  It’s more of an post winter solstice attitude adjustment.

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