Mom to kids, “have you…?”

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Have you done your homework? Have you brushed your teeth? Have you studied? Have you made your bed? Are you wearing your rubber bands in the $7000.00 mouth that I could have bought a Ford Focus with?

Have you, Have you, Have you?  Inward question to self, “am I making them psychotic?” Did my mother do that to me?  I turned out OK. Don’t they have enough to worry about without me reminding them of all they have to do. Are we as parents adding too much fear, angst and worry to their already stress-laden lives?

Maybe we should look at this a bit differently:

  • Have you stopped and rested today, without any electronic device whatsoever?
  • Have you said I Love You to someone that matters to you?
  • Have you kissed Izzy?
  • Have you spent some time taking care of your body, your soul, your self?
  • Have you witnessed the day and learned something from it?
  • Have you read a book, in paper form?  called a friend, not texted?

This is the final scholastic push, one more Regents  for Jack and they are done.  The past 10 months have sometimes flown and sometimes inched along.  I have consumed my share of Pinot Grigio, Scotch and Skinny Girl as we made our way through.  Amelia will be gone in 60 days, 60 days! I will miss all these  “have you-isms”.  I will be able to text and Face Time my barrage of questions but it won’t be the same without seeing her face over the railing and the pitch of her voice changing in response.

Look out Jack, all my in-person “have you” focus will be on you now.  That “have you list” will grow when you too learn to drive and get a job and become a man.  Meals, I am missing you already.  HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR MOTHER TODAY?

have you

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