Missed Call

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What do you think of when you see those two simple words on your cell phone? These two simple words can get a mother’s mind just reeling out of control. For example, when I see:

Missed Call Amelia. Time 10:30 AM

Reasons for Amelia to attempt a call:

  • Did I see the basketball game last night?
  • It’s so hot…. she cannot stand it. (She’s in an old house, no AC)
  • It’s snowing. Did I know that? (She lives in the snow belt!)

Missed Call Amelia. Time 10:45 PM

Scenarios in my mind:

  • There is a serial killer holding her hostage in the basement
  • She is sick, unconscious and the life is leaving her body
  • She has a flat tire on that dark, desolate road to the hockey rink

Missed Call Amelia. Time 5:30 PM

Samples of the subsequent voice mail that I get post-missed call:

  • “I’m in Wegman’s. Where are the bread crumbs?”
  • “My stomach hurts. What should I take?”
  • (This one makes me smile) “Mom, how do I make sauce?”

Then there is Jack. Focus and topic is totally different. Concerns are different although I do always think the worst.:

Missed Call Jack. Time 10:30 AM

Reasons for Jack to attempt a call:

  • He’s hungry- can I make pancakes and bacon
  • He cannot find his keys or his wallet
  • He needs money

Missed Call Jack. Time 10:45 PM

Scenarios in my mind:

  • He ran out of gas and is stranded
  • He lost his wallet
  • He was pulled over for speeding

Missed Call Jack. Time 5:30 PM

Samples of the subsequent voice mail that I get post-missed call:

  • “Hey, where are you guys?” (he needs food)
  • “Can I order a pizza and wings?”
  • (This one makes me smile) “Mom, do you want a mint tea from Starbucks?”

Now I cannot leave out my wonderful husband of 10497 days:

Missed Call Chip. Time anytime

Reasons for Chip to attempt a call:

  • “I’m on the bike path with a flat, can you bring me a new tube?
  • “Can you put my laptop in the garage? I forgot it this morning.”
  • “What was the 2nd thing you needed at the market?”

If any of the three of you see a Missed Call Mom/Karen, it’s because I am thinking:

  • Where are you Jack?
  • Why are you speeding Chip? I see it on the app?
  • Amelia, did you lock your doors before you went to bed?

Or quite possibly I am calling to inform you I am on my way to Italy, see you in a month! Ciao.

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