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…..I am my Mother after all! 
Does it ever get easier?  Will the drop dead, “I hate you” looks fade into, the long ago, “you are the best Mom ever”?  Nope. Not now and not with a teenage girl.
My daughter is smart, funny and beautiful both inside and out. My kids are the products of fertility technology  and I have the scars and traumas to prove it.  Amelia tried to break out at 24 weeks. I was in Chicago for a company meeting when I began to feel “odd”. I called my OB/GYN in NY and he calmly instructed me to go to the nearest hospital immediately.  (I told him is probably just gas from some tremendous white bean soup that I had for lunch). I spend the next 12 hours with my male boss and male counterpart listening to the sounds on the fetal monitor until my husband flew in. Amelia was born on her due date and has been a challenge ever since.  And no, you NEVER, EVER forget the pain!
So now I am sitting at the kitchen counter with her, she is doing math homework and I am working/writing.  The glares are diminishing and soon we will be walking upstairs to talk about the week ahead, basketball games, school events and the ever so important, “what do we do on the half day?”
I could only hope to be like my mother and her mother before whom Amelia is named after. I remember I yelled at my mother once time and told her I hated her.  I cried so after that and apologized but it still makes me feel bad.  I am sure we have all been there. At least that what my mother says!

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  1. Larry Eiss

    Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Thanks for another great insight into life as we know it.


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