Mascarpone Lobster Pizza

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This was a winner.  I love mascarpone cheese.  I use it quite often and find it holds its own over pasta, chicken and even spread on crusty warm bread with some olives or figs. I also love lobster. It has been very low in price this summer and I have taken advantage of that gift.

Chip and I played around with how to create this but the final product was fantastic.  Feel free to improvise as did I.



Pizza dough (about a pound): bought or made as you like.

Steamed lobster. Should yield about a pound to pound and a quarter of lobster meat. Cut meat into bite sized chunks.

8 ounce mascarpone cheese.

3 heads garlic- diced small. 8 ounces fontinella cheese. Grate it at the last minute from a wedge. (Super fresh this way)

8 ounces or shredded mozzarella cheese. Sun dried tomatoes- About 6 or per taste.

Kalamata Olives- sliced or quartered. Use your discretion based on your taste. Fresh basil leaves shredded

Salt and pepper

OK Let’s build it

Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees if using a stone. If using a pan, perhaps 450-475.

Roll out the dough to the desired size and place in the oven for a brief period, just enough to harden the dough so the mascarpone doesn’t over soak it. You will lose the crispiness if it does.

In a sauce pan, mix the mascarpone and garlic and heat on the stove, low heat, until just melted and spreadable. Salt and Pepper to taste.

Now take that warmed dough and spread the mascarpone/garlic mixture evenly. Spread the mozzarella next. Now add the olives and sundried tomatoes. Make sure the lobster meat is not too “wet” and sprinkle that yumminess all over the pie.

Finally add the shredded fontinella all over the pizza.

Place in the oven for 8-12 minutes depending whether you are using the stone or a pan. Right before it is done, add the basil leaves intermittently.

Cool for 5 minutes and cut into slices or triangles. YUMMY.


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