Malocchio Part II

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When I last posted, it was the evening before we left for vacation. Yes, all those crazy things happened that day while trying to pack  4 people, Izzy and all the fun that goes with leaving for a period of time.  We had a super week at the lake.  Boating, swimming, late night campfires and s’mores. It was spectacular.

On Saturday morning we were packed and ready to load the car.  We put all the packed bags in the living room and gave my husband the high-sign to begin the loading.  I looked out the window because I did not hear any activity and there he is, in those crazy shoes with the toes….bent over the back of the SUV in pain! He cannot move.

That leaves me and my sister.  I had knee surgery 3 weeks ago or so and she has a brace on her knee and moving slowly.  She has a cadaver tendon (named Jaime, like the bionic woman) and he finally walking without crutches.  Needless to say, we now have three disabled adults.  Two of us limping like Zip the monkey and one shuffling like a crooked-little-man. I had to laugh out loud. If I was watching us, I would be dying!.

The ride home was long and very uncomfortable for my husband.  But gets better. On Sunday I could not take it anymore and decided to weed the beds in the front of the house.  All good Italians have great lawns. I could hear my grandfather in my ear yelling, “are you a-gonna leave the flowers that like-a-that?”  I was just about the put on my yard gloves and the house phone in the garage rang.  I look at the caller ID and it’s Jack.  It stopped ringing after one ring. OK, maybe a butt-dial.

Then the back door opens and it is my daughter: “Jack fell down the stairs”.  WHAT???  He tells me he slipped and fell. Now I know better than that. Jack has fallen down the stairs doing something other than walking and has been taken to the ER by ambulance. The town EMT’s know him by name.

He finally admits he was rolling a water bottle on the bottom of his foot and was using it to massage his foot. Said it felt great until he went head first.  He is OK,  a bit shaken but OK.

Last but not least, Izzy, our Pug is exhibiting signs of an allergy or bug bite.  Her eyes are oozing a green yuck and her ear is itching. She won’t eat or drink a lot.  Maybe she misses her life jacket and the cool lake water.  I don’t know, I will call the vet tomorrow morning, after PT for me and then PT for Chip, a call to the orthopedic guy for Jack and one more call to the guy who replaced the hot water heater asking why the breaker won’t stay on.  At least I am never bored!

I found that red ribbon that Phyllis gave me and it is going back on my bra in the morning!

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  1. Larry Eiss

    Oh my goodness. What a wild ride you’re having!


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