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It is quiet at my house right now.  This week the kids are both at an overnight basketball camp up north and for the first time since 1997, Chip and I are alone. Now before you let your mind go wandering to those carefree, childless days of early wedded bliss, here is the list of things we have done, thus far, without kids:
1. eaten a meal without interruption or to referee an argument.
2. watch CNN under the same parameters.
3. sleep through the night without nightmares and until 6:45am!
4. sit on the deck with a glass of wine without the sound of an ipod or xBox in the background.
5. Take a Zumba class without rushing home to see who has killed whom.
See? Not all that sexy and glamorous, right?  Well, maybe I did not list everything, but you get the idea.

But you know what? It is quiet and not in a good way. I miss them, especially at night when I usually sneak into their rooms and kiss them without hearing. “UGH, Mom!”.  Now I have a glimpse into what the future will hold when they leave for college in a few short years.  It really is bittersweet.  I wonder if they feel the same way?  Maybe they are loving the freedom but missing my brownies? Maybe he is happy not taking a shower every night (thank God for Axe) but misses reading together afterward?  At least I hope so, that will help me sleep tonight.

After 24 hours, I did hear from my daughter that all was ok and after 2 days, I heard from my son, just a quick text “hey”.  Oh well, that is a good thing.  My pediatriian told me once that we spend the first two years of their life trying to get them to walk, talk and be independent and then the next 16 years getting them to stop.  What a wise man.

Soon we will be taking that 2+ hour ride to get them and I’m sure wondering where the week went.  Even Izzy is displaced and looking for them.  I miss you guys, hurry back!

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