Life Lesson #492

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(not really, but you’ll get the picture)

The lesson is:  there are not too many problems, thankfully, that a trip to Macy’s and a manicure can’t cure.  Amelia and I tested this theory out yesterday.

The boys had things to do, man things like go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and then shoot some hoops at the gym.  So my daughter and I headed out to the mall.  The ride went fast and we chatted up a storm, as usual.  I am fortunate to have her for a a daughter.  She gets me and I get her.

The mall is packed and parking is at a premium.  We drive around a bit and decide to ‘somewhat stalk’ a woman walking to her car so we can get her parking spot.  Creepy or smart? You decide.

We are sitting with our turn signal on when out of the corner of my eye I see an older woman driving a huge Mercedes and she is having none of this.  She wants that spot and she is going to take it.  Not so fast….becasue the woman vacating her spot demonstartes my Life Lesson #677: give your spot to the nice people who waved as they stalked you.  Ms. Mercedes was quite unhappy.

After a stop at the Origins counter, the junior department and a walk throught winter coats, we headed to the shoe department.  We meandered through a sea of shoe boxes and paper and boots all over the floor.  I was in search of a pair of brown flats and spied a sales person for help. She looked for an associate to help me and don’t you know that same “Ms. Mercedes” butted the line to get waited on first. Tsk, tsk, tsk….no shoes in her size. Carma…..

We head back to the car, stopped to get something to drink and went to get our nails done.   The people that own Nail Deluxe in our town are sweet and nice and know us by name.  It feels good to go there and relax.  We are looking ‘much more civilized’ and head home.   We are still chatty but a bit more tired now.

The kids spent the evening at the High School football game, TCBY and a sleep over.  Chip spent the evening carpooling kids and I supervised. (hee hee) That’s my secret life lesson #10….fall asleep early on the couch.

Girl time is great.  I have passed down Life Lesson #492 to Amelia so she can pass it on to her daughter one day.  How did I learn these life lessons you ask?  From the double secret manual that all girls get when they are born.  I am sure there is one for the boys too but I am betting is much samller and the print is bigger and easier for them to read!

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