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A wonderful and dear friend lost her mom this past weekend and the services were this morning.  I felt so badly because Ann Marie had just arranged for her mom to live with her and it had only been a short time.  Her mom was 86 and looked like she was about 73 years old. Not a wrinkle, she looked beautiful.
Another member of our “Goal Girls Club”, Donna, met me in line as we proceeded to move our way up to say a prayer at the casket.  The three of us are standing over Ann Marie’s mom commenting on how great she looked.  Donna turned to me and said, “isn’t it funny that from the time you are a baby and through most of your life, people tell you who you look like: your mother, your father, a favorite Aunt.  Then you reach this point, when you are here (she said tactfully), and everyone says you look like you”.  I almost cried it hit me so hard and she was right.  Everyone stands around that person whose soul is on to better things and the body remains.  They comment on how great the funeral people did with making you look like you always did; not like your mother, your father or a favorite Aunt. Not to get too deep but maybe that completes that circle and you are ready for the next life.
Ann Marie you were blessed to have your mom with you that long.  That does not make it easier to take but I hope it gives you peace. 
I laughed all the way home about the “old chicken”. (I hope I tell this right) On Friday, her mom sat at her kitchen counter and gave her a step by step lesson on how to make chicken soup.  After it was done, her mom told her, “This is not good soup.  It must have been an old chicken.  Like I used to tell your father, did you see the birth certificate?”
As I told you all before, I am blessed to have my friends and family.  These stories help define you and get you through tough times. They are like mini wake up calls that make you stop and think. I know one thing now. I will never look at a chicken the same way again.

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