Life and Death…

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Some time ago, I wrote a post entitled, “Facebook Friend or Foe.”  Here is yet another example of how Facebook brings people together that may not have necessarily directly communicated in person or by phone.

I would like to share a post from a fellow high school classmate of mine. I have not seen or directly spoken with him since probably 1980. We  cross paths on Facebook here and there then on this one particular day, I stopped to read his post entitled, “When I Died, I Saw…”.

It needs no explanation or introduction.

When I Died, I Saw…

Nothing.  Sorry.  But I changed.  I rejected the religion of my parents years before.  I wasn’t an atheist because life had to begin somewhere, and there were questions that couldn’t be answered.  After the accident I had no memories of being pulled into tunnels, or being greeted by previously passed persons.  However I no longer feared death.  I KNEW there was something more.  This was the beginning of my spiritual quest.  Dying made me a seeker.  It might have even softened my edges. Different story for another time.

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Thank you Eric for sharing those experiences with all of us.

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  1. Eric

    No.. thank YOU for spreading the word. I’m Facebook shy so this helps a great deal.


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