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This time of year always brings about a bit of melancholy. School is ending, kids are growing, household is changing.  Exams and Regents are now over and we patiently wait for the grades to come in.  This year has been very good and it did not come without a great deal of effort from Amelia and Jack. (and major stress for me and Chip) None-the-less, I am very proud of them and their accomplishments.

So after Jack’s moving up ceremony this week, we now have two high school students and I cannot wait to see the Senior-Freshman pictures that are a tradition at NHS.  Jack is her munchkin and he is her protector.  Amelia’s boyfriend is 6’4″ but that doesn’t scare Jack.  He’s watching him closely! (BTW, Jack’s girlfriend’s father is a fighter pilot and her brother is the starting point guard.  Step lightly my son.)

No one is home right now and the work day is done leaving just me and Izzy to sit and listen to this raging storm. I have already rubbed her down with a dryer sheet (it does actually work) but she is still very close and nervous.  The rain is heavy and the thunder ominous and we are side by side.  She knows my secrets and thoughts and looks at me when I realize I am welling up alone here with her amongst all this silence. That made me think to try and take a different look at this time in life and observe it a different way.

Number One- and most importantly right now, I am sitting here peacefully with a lovely glass of Anthony Road  wine from the Finger Lakes and chatting with you fine people.

Number Two- I am eating a Jenny Craig pizza with meatless crumbles, whatever that is. As an Italian, I take major umbrage with the whole thing. Refer back to Number One, it makes Number Two easier.

Number Three- very sadly, I am here alone with the sad little pizza thing just tapping my foot to Laurie’s Zumba playlist in lieu of actually going to class. Why you ask? Simple.  No.  Car.  Frederick is with Chip and Amelia has Gerta.  Amelia is working at the mall and ‘needs the car’.  Once again, refer back to Number One, it makes Number Three easier.

Number Four- while Izzy is great company, let’s just say we were just sharing a quiet moment of reflection when the side effects of organic dog treats kicks in.  Can you guess? Yup. Hard to believe such a little thing can make that much sound and do that much damage from a tiny hiney. Mood killer, but, refer back to Number One, it makes Number Four easier.

Number Five- upside: No more lunches, no more running up and down the stairs yelling, “get up, you’re going to be late!” I have to holster the squirt gun I have hidden, ready to be used if Jack doesn’t move on the second, ok, third attempt.  I have used it on Chip, but not ‘my son’. Sadly, you cannot refer back to Number One, since this event usually takes place before 7:15am.

Number Six- Alone time. With this somewhat frequent empty nest, Chip and are often left to our own devices.  I’ll say no more except that referring to the beverage mentioned in Number One, if taken in excess, can result in a broken rib or two.  Just sayin. I have no empirical proof. (Gina, you still with me, waiting for the scoop?) Oh, and note to self, lock the door for the rare and unfortunate time that Amelia came home early.

I am about to embark on trying my hand at Giada’s Chicken Tetrazzini. Everyone will be home from crew practice and work and I get the I’m starving song. It is not on the Jenny meal plan so I will be chewing gum feverishly to avoid tasting as I go. In case you are wondering, I burned 510 calories this morning with Meghan’s Spin class allowing me the pleasure of the glass of wine. Thank you Meghan.

So let’s look at the growing up experience in the positive manner in which it should be.  You hope as a parent your children grow up to be well adjusted and happy, as well as successful people.  I wish for my children to have that and a spouse that together they one day too will look at the changes in their lives and be happy for that person to grow old with.





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