LAX, SUV’s and Fifty Shades

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It is 5:45 and the sky is black.  Secretly I am hoping for a massive thunderstorm so no LAX practice and Yes Zumba with Laurie……not so lucky.  Practice is on and I grab my Kindle, my LAXer and off we go. Jack jumps out of the car happy to be in the rain.  I get a wave and off he goes…..leaving me to the 70’s on 7 and my Fifty Shades Trilogy.

I have made a few references over the past few postings about this book.  Conservatively, I think more than 60% of my friends and coworkers, male and female are reading this. It is quite a read and I shall say no more.

The line of imported SUV’s backed into the parking lot to view the boys is extensive.  Dad’s are under the umbrella’s  being ‘manly men’ watching each son diligently; moms are holed-up dry inside behind the tinted glass.The rain is coming down hard and I am deep into book three.  I look over and I see that familiar book cover with the silver-gray necktie casually displayed. I notice her glazed-over look before I saw the book and I see she is reading Fifty Shades of Grey! On my mother and my God, I see two more moms deep in the throws of the book. It is 7:06 before I look up again and those LAX moms have not moved and neither have I. Ha!

I am not going to pontificate about the merits or detriments of this series.  I have heard many comments from my friends  to both sides and I share a few thoughts. All I can say is I am lovin’ my Fifty Shades in training man like I did in 1986. Can I get a big Wa-Hoo?

Now it is 7:40 and the team is in the customary huddle for the coaches parting words of wisdom.   The boys jog off, the moms store those books and kindles deep in our over-sized handbags and push the remote for the giant hatches to pop open.  We are still warm and dry in our cars and we welcome the boys in with a smile….none the wiser.

Tonight my son said his girlfriend had mentioned ‘friends with benefits’… 12 years old?  Jack was shocked I knew what that meant!  He said, “Mom, I didn’t think you knew about stuff like that. I know Dad does” My sweet little man, I have completed 80% of this trilogy….after using the dictionary option over 50 times on ‘technical terms’ and imploring friends to explain, I now know a few more things than I did three weeks ago! 

I love being a mom (in an SUV with tinted glass!)  Thank God for air-conditioning.

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