Kidnapping is a strong word

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It’s more like “husband-napping”. Let me explain.

In 1988, we moved to Syracuse prior to our wedding in 1989.  Chip took a great job there and I followed looking to settle in and do the same.  It was a tough period and as my friend Janet says sometimes, ‘a dark period’ in life.  One day I decided we needed a break from it all and some couple’s time so I packed our bags and told him we were going to look at houses. As I drove up Interstate 81 to the 1000 islands he panicked thinking we were moving up that far and began to  question my motives.  I had to come clean earlier than I wanted too but we were able to spend a great weekend in a tiny little motel in the dead of winter. Romance and Success!

Well I’ve had that same urge to do that again, now 25 years later.

A few weeks ago I began doing some research and selected the Sherwood Inn on Skaneateles Lake, NY.   rooms__suites_20111212_1811778575

It is a beautiful old inn with charming romantic rooms, Lake views and great food. Now I just needed to cover all the bases. I lined up my sister Amy to watch the kids; my mom to hang out until Amy got home from work; Mrs. D to trade carpool nights with me and the pizza delivery set up and ready to go. I st5ocked the fridge and waited to execute my plan.

I spoke with Chip’s office and Judy knew what I had planned and texted me throughout the day as they were traveling. I instructed Chip to be home no later than 2pm.  Judy delivered!

We are ready to go and Chip gets in the car and I believe he truly  has no clue.  Our bags have been packed since 11am, the cooler with wine and cheese is filled with ice and chilled perfectly and Frederik is up for the trip.  As I drive, I can see his mind trying to figure it out, thinking that if we are going to lunch, why is she getting on the NYS Thruway? Once we go thru the toll booth and head west,  my driving is giving him disturbi di stomaco. He is still confused so I spill it and pull over for him to drive.  (He says I drive terribly and why make him suffer when I am supposed to be relaxing him?)

I got him!  He really had no idea…Chip has been husband-napped once again.

The drive was thankfully uneventful (no speeding tickets) and the temperature around 73 degrees. Beautiful.  We arrived in time for a drink in the bar and a platter of raw oysters, clams and shrimp cocktail.  Yummy.  We watched the sky over the Lake change from blue to black as the storms came through but it didn’t matter. Our room was romantic with a fireplace to take the chill out as the temperatures dropped and the flurries were on the way.

I enjoy that time with Chip.  It is a time to reconnect without work pressures, carpooling, refereeing a fight or puttering around with basic household chores.  We did miss everyone, Izzy too.  It was very quiet sleeping without her snoring.

On the way back home I told Chip this plan would probably not work if the shoe were on the other foot.  I packed his clothes, his medicines, his shoes, socks and underwear.  Men’s clothes are like the old Gar-animals….remember them?  Easy to mix and match, not too challenging.  Women, well we have certain clothes we wear for certain events.  Things that make us comfortable, things that do not.  Underwear for certain times of the month, the year, the season or just because we want to wear them.  I would fear what was packed for me. And we won’t even begin to address shoes, toiletry kits , makeup and flatirons.

I gained 1.1 pounds this weekend and it was worth every bite of oyster, clams casino and Wild Mushroom Strudel (oven roasted wild mushrooms, sauteed greens, herbed goat cheese, red wine braised onions). Even the creme brulee was fantastic.  Mary our waitress was magnificent and I thank you for taking such good care of us. Grazie Maria per un fine settimana meraviglioso e un cappuccino perfetto!

Now we are back in the swing of  regular life, and I vow not to wait another 25 years to do this again.  It’s way too much fun and besides, I think the sales person at Victoria’s Secret can make her car payment this month just a little bit easier……

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