Just this side of crazy

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I know my family is no different than everyone else’s.  We have good days, bad days and days just this side of crazy.

I am home alone tonight.  Blogging with freshly painted nails, Izzy snoring by side and a lovely glass of Prosecco to end the week.  Take a deep breath.  Note to self: next time, ask Chip before he leaves to open the bottle.  Broken ribs and a stubborn cork is not a good combination. Perseverance prevailed.  There was no way I was giving in to that stubborn cork!

Chip and Amelia are at a basketball game. In order to avoid playing on Mother’s Day, in their infinite wisdom, they thought it better to play at 8pm on a Friday night.  Sure, messed up my Friday night chi of Chip’s spectacular pizza.

Jack is at the drive-in movies with a gang of kids. Ahh, I remember seeing Rocky in 1976 with my parents at the Mohawk Drive-In. I had many summer time dates at the drive in movies…..  memories…. I think he will have a great time. (The one girl’s Dad is staying for the movie, ha!)

So now I have time to think, and write, and think.  I think these broken ribs are slowing me down and I had no way of measuring how much.  My Bodybugg died for the very last time. May I have a moment of silence please?  But, no worries, I have moved on to fit bit.  It’s the same general idea only not worn on the arm, it’s a wrist band.  We’ll see how it works when it arrives. In the meantime, being obsessive, I bought the fit bit Zip. A handy, small unit that clips on your belt or bra and does the trick.  I have increased walking to make up for the lack of Zumba and I did return to Spin Class this week. God, it felt good to sweat, so long as I don’t breathe too deep, do too many jumps or move my upper body too much.  It is what it is.

And what makes me just this side of crazy? In an effort to determine just why these ribs broke for no reason, it was of week of testing: bone density, CT scan, blood tests, x-rays, and the ever popular 24 hour urine collection. Yup, you know it…I had that ginormous orange jug in my refrigerator for 24 hours as I added my specimens day and night.  I had to put a post-it on it to be sure no one mistook it for something else.  Needless to say I totally sanitized my fridge, yuck.

This Prosecco is going down so smoothly I am ready to join Izzy on the sofa and watch the Hallmark Channel.  This week’s crazy will have to wait to continue its wrath till tomorrow.  And when I thought the week was lost, I remembered Jack calling me from the office at school asking me to bring him his sneakers for crew practice.  I said OK and before I hung up, I actually got an I love you.  Success.

Whenever Amelia or Jack or even Chip, asks me to do something for them, I always reply, “What do I get?” I am  just looking for hugs and kisses.  So Jack says to me just before he hangs up, “I know you’re going to want something and I will give you one extra”. That, my dear, keeps me this side of crazy.

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