Just as good as the first time

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A little over 2 years ago, I noticed the setting of my engagement ring was loose and the stone was quite wiggly.  I took it off and locked it away until I had the time and resources to fix it. I really cannot believe I waited this long to address it.  It was locked up for two years in the original box Chip had it in… until now.

I am a one-time-engagement-ring-gal.  No trade in and no trade up…I’ll keep the one he gave me on that Sunday morning. I rescued it from its resting place in that lock box and began to think back. I had no idea he asked my father for permission to marry me that Saturday afternoon. I had no idea it was in his pocket all day and I had no idea on that June morning he would ask me to marry him.  I was so excited and nervous I actually said no at first! For weeks and probably months, I looked at that beautiful brilliant diamond in the sun and just smiled. We were engaged for about 15 months until the wedding day, which was, by the way, the weekend that Hurricane Hugo came through.  Could that have been an omen?

We have been together almost 25 years.  My poor husband Chip has been the focus of many of my posts both good and bad.  He is actually a wonderful husband and I have only had thoughts of physical violence a half a dozen times in 24 years…..he has probably had too many to count!

Well now we have looked for a way to change the setting and combine both my solitaire and the anniversary band into one.  We went to all the jewelers in town and finally found a jeweler that could do this for us and would allow me to watch him remove the stone and re-set it into the new ring.  Jon at Glennpeter worked with us and was so wonderful, and actually excited with the process.  I could never leave my ring with anyone, EVER.  That stone is not replaceable.  Not because of it’s monetary value or insurance replacement…it is because it is the ring he gave me that Sunday.

We picked up the ring this week.  We sat with the jeweler as he sized it, polished it and placed that very special stone into it’s new home.  Jon checked the ring to be sure it was sturdy and clean and ready to go.  He placed it in the box and handed it to my husband and told him to do the honors.  Chip opened that box and hinge squeaked just like it did in 1988.  He placed the ring on my finger, now meeting the plain gold band that matches his and once again, I cried.  It was just as good as the first time.

Now I know who Chip really is; he knows who I really am and after all the good, bad, scary….in sickness and in health stuff,  I know that ring will be on my hand until the day I am no longer and then the ring and the stories will go to Amelia to build her own memories.

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