It’s simple, you can put that together

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I have been out of commission for a week since I fell last Friday.  I have been feeling pretty good so I put on my sales hat and convinced the guilty police to let me out for Spinning class this morning.  When that alarm went off at 4:45 it was tough.  It does not take long to get out of the routine.

I laid out all my workout clothes last night and it felt so good to layer them all on this morning.  I went to class and did OK. In the saddle and position 3 were OK, the standing in position 2, not so much.  I took the advice of my friends and husband and bailed on Zumba tonight. Maybe I can do it on Sunday.

Now comes the hairy part.  Time to re-enact the scene from last week.  I went home, took a shower and headed to Perecca’s.  Don’t laugh but I did not wear the shoes that I fell in.  I felt like my friend Patty’s grandmother.  She told me about her superstitious grandmother who fell in her driveway and threw away her shoes!

I made it through the trip to Perecca’s, then to Cappiello’s.  Left with all my parts intact, so to speak.

The day progresses uneventfully and around 4:00 I was planning dinner for tonight. We have a little courtyard with a bistro set in the front of the house.  I thought it would be nice to put a chiminea out there to accent the table and candles and of course wine.

Off I go to Lowe’s to pick it up.  The guy brings it out to the register and then to my car.  It looks heavy and in need of assembly. Hmmm, “Can I put that together?” 

“Sure, the pieces fit on top of each other, easy. It’s simple, you can put that together”.  That should have been my first clue.

I worked for over an hour and a half and finally it is together.  Chip tightened the remaining bolts and carried it from the garage to it’s resting place. The courtyard looks great and we are creating a pizza on for the grill:  pesto, shrimp, prosciutto and grilled eggplant.  Yummy.

Sitting by that fire tonight will feel good. I’ll ice that poor old knee, enjoy some Prosecco and watch the stars come out.  Cheers!

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