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I am Italian and by definition, that makes me superstitious. I was driving back from the mall tonight in the driving rain with a lunatic in front of me going about 15 mph in a 45 mph zone.  I was frusrated with all I have to do before Christmas.  I changed the channel in time to hear a poor woman request “Blue Christmas”, by Elvis.  She was upset and crying and said she lost her boyfriend this year and that was his favorite song.  The DJ did his best to hold it together and played the song for her.  It was a sign.

How you ask?  Here I am frustrated and crazed and this poor woman lost someone she loved.  It reminded me of a Christmas over 25 years ago.  My boyfriend at the time was diagnosed with Leukemia.  He was in bad shape and dying. I heard that Elvis Song in the lounge of cancer floor at the hospital.  I was angry that people were so happy and singing along to it when I was so sad.  I felt for that woman, I really did. The sign was to tell me to keep life in perspective.  I looked up while driving and said, “OK, I am listening. I get it.” (Just have to remember it more often)

On a lighter note, I woke up this morning at 1am with a leg cramp…a really bad one.  It was uncomfortable.  Immediately I am thinking blood clot from a complication with Tamoxifen. Now I am awake.  I am pacing like a nut….and I feel my knuckles in my hand becoming stiff. Great, I think….arthritis?  Now I have the TV on and the Hallmark Channel has me crying like a nut.

Crazy or just plain Italian?  You tell me.

I am about to be knee deep in the Christmas Eve traditional Seven Fish.  The fish market called and they cannot get me any rock shrimp. Ugh, now I am down to six fish.  My mother is making the smelts so maybe I can eek that one into my count.  Is it another sign? I hope not. I need a good night’s sleep tonight.

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