It’s only negative until you fix it

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Last week I was on the phone with a coworker, Candi, discussing  a somewhat negative situation we were having with a client. We went back and forth tossing around solutions and agreed on a game plan to correct it.  I told her I did not want the client to have such a negative experience. She hesitated for a moment and said, “it’s only negative until you fix it.”

Wow, that was a mouthful.  Just think about that. “It’s only negative until you fix it.”  Truer words have not been spoken.  That does not mean everything is reversible or forgiven but it can most likely be fixed.  What happens after that is up to the parties involved.

Take a moment to break down the things in life that get us down, make us feel bad and turn our moods to the negative.  Can we make it better? Perhaps.  Should we stay in the negative?  Absolutely not. Fix it.

I have a friend that was injured as a young man and is in a wheelchair.  That is a negative situation for sure yet he has worked hard to turn that around. There are cancer survivors that embrace the experience and vow to help others cope and survive.  Negativity did not rule their lives.

Today is Fat Tuesday.  The day I consume as much chocolate before midnight as humanly possible risking an outbreak of acne comparable to a 13 year old.  I always give up chocolate. I have since I was very young.  I do find it interesting that this particular Catholic tradition is still so prevalent in my life after all these years. Without getting religious, the season of Lent is a time for sacrifice and reflection. It is meant to enlighten and be positive.  I will not point out the obvious that this year Lent begins before Valentine’s Day…the day that was made for chocolate! Not going to be negative!

As an adult, I have tried to give up something and improve on something at the same time.  Candi’s simple statement, It’s only negative until you fix it, will be my mantra this season. Under the umbrella of this statement, I will attempt to embrace a more positive attitude; make an effort to offer solutions and pursue a significant push to be more patient. I will try and fix it.

It’s only 40 days right?

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