“It’s not about you”

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“It will be again, someday, but not now”.

A very wise man and friend told me to tell my husband this. I was on the train coming home from Manhattan in July 1997. I commuted for many years and lived in Manhattan at that time. I was very pregnant. I had invited a wonderful man from the NY Department of State to come and speak with my clients about some changes to the laws in New York.

He knew so much about so much. He told me the story of his marriage…I think it was over 30 years strong, and how his wife looked at him at nine months pregnant and told him it was not going to be about him for a while. That it would be again, if he could wait……and so he did.

I did tell my husband that story. I remind him of it every now and then……(Like today). Poor guy was about to finish the pasta in the pot but I saved that for Jack. Literally took the spoon out of his mouth….it will be about you again.

One night we were going to just sit with a glass of wine and talk, catch up etc. The dog threw up, Jack threw up and the toilet was clogged……it will be about you again.

That last brownie., mmmm,……..it will be about you again.

“How about $5 for the dance Dad?”…your last $5 and now you have to run to the bank. Oh and Nike Basketball sneakers are how much???……..it will be about you again

All of you parents out there know, it is tough. Your couple alone time consists of brushing your teeth side by side at 5:30 AM or 11:00 PM. Talking on the Bluetooth while you both drive to work and even emailing to communicate. You may, if you are really lucky, steal a cup of coffee here or there, maybe a kiss or two?

There is a story/legend about the first year of marriage. You are supposed to put a penny in a jar for every time you, ya know…. Then on your first anniversary, begin to take the pennies out each time you, ya know. Now I am too much of a lady to tell you how long it took to get those pennies back out…. But I miss my time with my husband. I love him but damn it’s tough some days. Life gets in the way but I hope we have a lot more of it to live together.

He is off with Amelia and I am off to a party at a friend’s house…Can’t wait Zumba ladies…and then running to pick up Jack from basketball. Ships in the night….

In my heart, Anthony, it has always been about you. xoxoxox

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