It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Last night I saw a plastic version of the male “anatomy” hanging from the tow ball (ha-ha) of  a Dodge Ram truck.  Honestly, this was the 4th time this week that I had seen this. What is that all about?  Were they on sale at PepBoys? I almost rear-ended him trying to see what it was. (and he was no Tom Selleck)

Now I drive an SUV, granted, not a manly thing like a Dodge Ram truck, but I would no sooner place a pair of swinging boobs from my tow hitch that the man in the moon. I still have the cardboard pumpkin pie my son made for me when he was three hanging from my rear view mirror.

It’s Christmas for God’s sake!!

No lie, next, I see a hybrid cross over with a bumper sticker, “Don’t be a d@*k”.  Really?  I pass this car and there is a woman in her mid to late 60’s flooring it.  Gotta love that. You go Grammee! I do have to admit, I like the bumper sticker than says “Mean People Suck”.

I love the people with wreaths on their cars and the antlers/nose in the Rudolf Christmas spirit.  That is what we should be seeing this time of year. It is hard enough and people are angry these days, let’s not fuel the fire. Let’s try and be happier and nicer to each other. Is that possible? I helped a woman carry her weights in my Chisel class yesterday and she got miffed.  She is about 70 and hunched over.  Works her little heart out. Next time I will call 911 when she drops it on her foot. Ugh.

Ok, I will get off my soap box now.

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