It’s going to snow…

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Not exactly unheard of in upstate New York.  After all, it is March and Mother Nature rarely feels the need to permanently give into Spring this early. She can be very prickly.

So far today, I have been to the gym, the market, the dry cleaner and Starbucks and all everyone is talking about and frankly, complaining about, is this pending snow storm. I work from home, yet I cannot escape ‘business meeting chatter’ by phone and email about possibly closing early tomorrow or not coming in at all.  Some of my clients are literally panicked! The weather man on Channel 13 is beside himself with excitement.

Look, I would love nothing better than to feel the warm spring sun on my sadly untanned Italian skin, but winter still has a lot of life left in him. (notice I said him) At the risk of sounding like an old lady, I remember snow storms as a kid that would dump feet of snow as late as early April.  I lived in Syracuse, God help me, and endured a year of lake effect snowfalls and perpetually damp boots.

But, maybe there is hope. Here are some possible outcomes for the optimistic folks out there:

  1. A smoothe, gentle, southernly wind softly turns the storm out to sea. It passes us by leaving a light dusting to cover the ugly brown stuff left from last week.
  2. It arrives like the devil himself, wild and angry to the tune of 13+ inches… yet melts in 72 hours.
  3. It is Armageddon and we must consume our c-rations*, the last of our 14 boxes of emergency macaroni, 3 loaves of bread and 2 gallons of milk.
  4. Power is lost, and we succumb to playing Yahtzee and drinking our war chest of wine and spirits. And yes, I have three bottles of Prosecco on hand at all times.

More importantly, I need to spin tomorrow morning at 5:30am.  I am cranky if I don’t get that in first thing in the morning. My bag is already packed, my clementine ready and waiting next to my water bottle in the fridge. Alisha, we can do it. We have snow tires and all-wheel drive- don’t fail me!

So, stock up, turn your jammies inside out and backwards or pray like hell it misses us. Last I checked, God, Mother Nature or the winter spirits did not call me to ask what I wanted. If they did, we’d all be lakefront in the sun!

*Per Wikipedia: The C-Ration, or Type C ration, was an individual canned, pre-cooked, and prepared wet ration. It was intended to be issued to U.S. military land forces when fresh food (A-ration) or packaged unprepared food (B-ration) prepared in mess halls or field kitchens was not possible or not available, and when a survival ration (K-ration or D-ration) was insufficient.

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