It’s Fat Tuesday

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Or Sad Tuesday for all the people who have gorged themselves today on the things they are about to do without for the next 47 days.  I am part of that elite group.

Each year I lament over what to give up for Lent.  Last year I gave up chocolate, which I have done since I was about 10 years old.  In addition, I gave up cheese. I LOVE CHEESE… That was hard, but still, only temporary. I dug into a spectacular blue cheese first thing Easter morning.  I never looked back.  Did I feel better not eating cheese? Did I perform my religious duty by foregoing the thing I really enjoy?  I could hear my grandmother in my ear, “Do  you think Jesus wanted to hang on that cross for 3 hours?” No Gram, I don’t , but I am 10 years old and I want a Mallo Cup really bad!

Over the years I have given up every one of my vices:  coffee, alcohol, pizza, sushi, cursing, chocolate, cheese, TV, you name it.  This year as I drink a lovely glass of wine, I think I will not give up anything.  I will try and live a little cleaner; a little less stressed; a little more in tune with my body and my life.  Better mother, wife, employee, friend, sister, daughter…or so that’s the plan

So how is this going to work exactly? I am not sure.

One year, my best friend Michele and I went to mass every day at noon during Lent.  I will tell you we spent a few of those masses giggling in the back pew or staring at the cute 8th grade altar boy. Is the answer not to give something up but to do something instead?

I am going to play this by ear.  I am going to make some adjustments and see where that takes me. My stomach needs to recover from this day of gluttony and soon I will share with you my plan of action.  In the meantime, I will finish this glass of wine and enjoy the cheese and crackers.

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