It Doesn’t Fit Over the Cheese

by | Jan 11, 2012 | Blog | 4 comments

Great Zumba class tonight.  We missed you Judy but Dawn ran a super class: 498 calories in 45 minutes.  You’d think that would compensate for the brick of cheese I ate today.

I started out great at 5:45 this morning at the gym at a Chisel class.  Mr. “Hooter’s t-shirt” was there in all his glory looking at the newbies who made resolutions to join the gym…..good luck catching a woman wearing that t-shirt.  I ate a great breakfast, a few almonds for a snack and we are on our way.

Hmm, lunchtime, how about Escarole with White Beans in chicken broth.  Yummy.  What you say?  Add some cheese? Don’t mind if I do, but I should taste test it first.  About 8 ounces later…the soup was done and so was I.

Dawn was selling t-shirts after class.  I love the Zumba colors. They are so bright and energizing…and SMALL.  After holding up a variation of sizes with my friends, I realized these are not going to fit over all that cheese and my somewhat distended mid section.

Standing in that locker room with these women laughing about our boobs, who wears two or even three sports bras to keep those “bad boys in there”; and the age old question of ‘will Spanks hold it in during Zumba?’  Even how “Ralph” or your monthly visitor plays in part in one’s choice of clothing.

I used to think I wanted to come back in my next life as a man.  Not on your life.  It may be easier but no where near as fun. Love you ladies.

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  1. Alisa

    Lord, what did I miss tonight? Lol

  2. Kim

    I didn’t even need to start reading and I was already laughing at the title. That was too funny. I ate a good helping of shredded on the pizza I made when I got home. I’m glad your choosing to be a women in another life – I would relive all this again :). Great class!

  3. Kim

    Also, I need to see this hooters man one day. I’m intregued!

  4. Robin

    Love your blog. I must admit it was funny holding up the different shirts, comparing the sizes, and best of all critiquing our figures in wondering which size would fit. Lol.


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