Is She Watching My Butt?

by | Jan 17, 2012 | Blog | 2 comments

Or my feet, or both?

I know I talk quite a bit about Zumba.  I apologize. Zumba is my form of therapy.  I have in one place, great friends, great music and a laugh my arse off.  Where else can you get that for the low bargain price of $18.99 a month?

It is January and January at a gym means increased attendance in classes with people who have made resolutions to lose weight and get fit.  Did you know the average New Year’s resolution is abandoned by January 23rd?  So anyway, there are many new faces in Zumba.  How can I tell you ask? Because at one time I too was new and a bigger spazz than I am now!  Tonight was no exception.  I don’t know what was wrong with me but for the first 10-15 minutes, I was totally off step.  My apologies ladies and thanks for humoring me.

OK so to the point of the story…. the woman behind me was so close to me that at one point, I could not see her in the mirror.  She was trying hard to follow but it was not coming to her.  I spoke with her twice to encourage her to stay with it.  At the end of class, I asked if she was coming back.  In broken English, she told me she was not sure.  Laurie stayed to show us the salsa move after class and there she was, watching intently.  Perhaps we have a new regular! Once I got that past the fact that a woman was watching my butt that closely, I was OK with it. Someone helped me and encouraged me to stay with it. Did I watch her butt too? 

So goodnight ladies.  Goodnight “sports bra woman” and “smelly cat”.  Good night newbies and remember to my special friend:  the little bloomies attached to running shorts do NOT count as underwear.   And no, I won’t do Zumba in a sports bra only.  My stomach has not seen the light of day since 1978. I love you guys.


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  1. Kim

    “what if they have to cut those off?! Ya got nothin’!” 😉

    I think we may have all been in rare form – at least a little! One day… Let’s all show sports bra how it’s done!

  2. colie

    haha at least its nice and clean down there 😉 haha … i gotta tell you a lot less wedgy picking with no undies on!!!! its like a free for all.

    But it doesnt effect the bra problem n boob popping out problem that seems to occur everytime we jump..gotta add my own moves in somewhere hehe. LOVE YOU GUYS


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