Is it in the eyes or in the tushie?

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Good question. Let’s discuss.

Last week the Zumba ladies gang enjoyed a girl’s night out:  dinner and a movie. Simple right? We decided to see Magic Mike a movie about male dancers in a night club, wink wink, you get my drift. This movie is right up our alley; a chance to laugh and have some fun.

There were about 12 of us and we found seats 4 per row three rows so we were grouped together. From the time the ‘curtain rose’ until the end, we hooped and hollered and laughed.  Whoever said women aren’t visual should go see this movie.  The crowd ranged from mid 20’s to mid 60’s and with each pull of the rip away pants, we woo-hoo’d and laughed louder.

Now I will tell you, these gents had some great tushies, no doubt.  Although at my age, seeing Alex Pettyfer’s rear end felt someone odd.  He is so young, I could be his mother.  Channing Tatum is 32 years old..getting closer and Matthew McConaughey is 42…better yet and for an old guy, nice buns!

I have to say though, as great as it was to see a little moving and shaking, I look to the eyes. The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul and I believe it.  You can tell a lot about a person from his eyes. Eyes are kind and warm or sexy and fierce.  They tell a story without words.  I had a boyfriend many years ago with the bluest eyes.  They were beautiful.  I swear his eyes said I Love You before the words actually came from his lips.  Ahh, I digress.

My husband has brown eyes that are warm and “like a gypsy”.  They too said I Love You on that very first date and I knew then I was going to marry him. They are expressive and even Izzy (our Pug) sees something good in those brown eyes when he takes her for a walk in the snow or rain.

On a final note, men can be sexy in shorts, a bathing suit or a shirt and tie.  Last Wednesday I was driving back from the White Plains office and really wanted to make Joy’s first Zumba class.  I was flying up that NYS Thruway, ran into my house undressing as I ran upstairs to change.  I jump into the car and race over to the gym.  I am driving my husband’s S4…Fredrick.  Fredrick is quick as lightning and I love driving it fast, I have to admit.

I screech up to the red light on the corner of Rt.7 and Golf Road.  I feel like someone is watching me.  I look over and there is a “smokin hot” man in a black BMW.  Jet black hair, white shirt, loose red tie. Thank God that tie was not gray…

I look over and he mouths the words, nice car and motions his hands to look like roll your window down…so HELLO… of course I do.  He asks me if I like the car, how long I have had it, is it fast, blah blah blah, and my inner ego is saying, quiet down sister, it isn’t you, it’s the car…..

I confess to this handsome man that the car is my husband’s and I am late for Zumba class.  He says he is going to trade that BMW in tomorrow and yells, “see ya, have fun”. For a fleeting moment I look in the rear view and wonder if I will see that guy again one day, as he stated, speeding around town in an S4. 

The next morning I returned to my Audi SUV with the LAX and basketball stickers on the back window and Jack’s cardboard piece of pumpkin pie hanging on the rear view mirror and you know what? That makes me feel smokin hot!

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