Is a hula-hoop a lethal weapon?

by | Dec 13, 2010 | Blog | 2 comments

Odd question, or so it may seem but as I sit here with a fractured rib and chipped cartilage, I think maybe that seemingly innocent toy is indeed a lethal weapon.
You have heard me discuss my love for the Zumba classes and I have branched out into Chisel…a high energy class using weights, bars and the exercise ball.  I have been feeling my oats so I thought I would try this new Hula-hoop class.  It started out quite well and I was surprised I could actually get that thing to move!  We were sharing the hoops so everyone would have a turn. When I picked up the hoop, I did not realize that I took back a larger hoop. It seemed heavier and more weighted but I did not give it much thought. I took the “stand”, swung that hoop over my left hip and as it came around, wham!, right in the ribs! Knocked me for a loop for a second and I thought to myself, “this is gonna leave a mark”!
Now, common sense would have told me to go home at that point but nooooo, I stayed for the chisel class and halfway through, I packed it in and went running to the Green Grocer for some arnica cream and pills. These are holistic remedies and they work, usually. Sadly, not this time so I knew what I would have to do.
I called my doctor the next morning and sucked it up. He is a friend too and I knew I would have to tell him what happened. So I see the PA first and I tell him.  He is trying so hard not to laugh, I can see it.  He professionally excuses himself to get the doctor, my friend Brian.  He comes in busting at the seams.  I told him they say never lie to your doctor so I tell him the whole sorted tale. Again, quite professionally, he dispenses with business: a look at the ‘site’, x-rays etc. I off to the imaging center, not without one swivel of the hips by all! They will be telling this tale for a while.
If someone told me this story, I would die laughing, really I would. So go ahead…laugh out loud.  And for those of you who know me, this ranks up there with falling off the chair lift, slipping on antifreeze in the supermarket and not being able to uncross my legs after a gripping 60 minutes of General Hospital.

In case you do not beleive me, here is a link for weighted hula-hoops. Shop at your own peril!

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  1. Larry Eiss

    Ouch! Sorry to hear about this. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope the little gifts I’ve tucked in via this Blog have been of some help.

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent- nothing more painful than a fractured rib or torn intercostal tissue! Hope you heal fast- try not to laugh or cough- ouch- Gregg


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