Inhale…..Do you smell that?

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Last time I spoke of the silence in my house with the kids at camp.  Now, I can only say that I did not think it was possible to have my children and subsequently my car, my laundry room and pretty much my home, smell like something had died in it with decomposition setting in. Yankee Candle could not tackle this stench.  Mr. Clean, not a chance.  Gain detergent: I had to run the basketball socks two times!

I understand the chemistry when you mix heat, and sweat and kids together.  I have a son that plays LAX, believe me.  I have had 4 boys in my car after a day at LAX camp in 95 degree heat. After that,  I had to bring the car to Hoffham’s for a deep clean. The only thing missing this time was the random surprise of finding a “cup”, either hidden in the trunk or the laundry room. I think I actually used tongs to pick it up!

I really cannot describe this smell. It is mix of camp, sweat, dampness, old pizza and jock smell! I started laundry at 2:15 yesterday afternoon, ended at 11:30pm; and began again just now at 7:30am.  It is unbelievable.  All the while I kept saying out loud, “holy cow, I cannot believe how bad this smells”.

To put it in perspective, I could not change poopy diapers either. No really, I just could not.  (I know, you’re saying that in my Italian household, I actually asked my husband to do it? Shame!) My daughter had reflux at birth and I cannot begin to describe that visual or smell.  I cannot do dog throw-up either.

So as my friend Donald always says, “let’s review”:  I drove the kids to camp, I missed the kids. I picked the kids up, I’m happy their home. I hugged the kids……after they showered, twice!

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