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Perhaps I am more observant than most or maybe I am just more curious.

We are at Albany Med this afternoon while Amelia has an MRI.  She has been having some health issues and these images will help get to the bottom of why.  Her boyfriend, Nick aka Skates is in the MRI room with her for moral support.  Scoring big points with me that’s for sure.

So as Chip and I sit here waiting I am half reading and half listening to the talk around me when I decide to bring out this iPad and type.  The waiting area is quiet with just a few people here.  A few moments ago a surgeon came out and explained to a family member/friend what transpired during the surgery.  He worked on this patient’s brain to stop the bleeding from an anyurism.  He was calm and comforting and took his time explaining the details of the surgery.  He glanced over to me as he left and I smiled.  As he walked away with his head slightly lowered I thought to myself that he just saved a life.  I was humbled.

Waiting rooms tell stories if you look and listen, not in a creepy way but in a way where you can actually see people.  Be nice. Share a magazine when you are through with it, smile and remember you don’t know what goes on in someone’s mind, soul or home. Try and look beyond the medical smells and sounds and see the human beings around you.

The people here have been great with Amelia. She shares with me the same fear of an MRI and having Skates in there coupled with a Valium should get her through it. The people here, Mike and Ciara have proven you can be in the medical profession and display empathy and kindness.

She will be out soon and we will be on the road back to Rochester to bring Amelia & Nick back to school. Thank you to so many friends and to my family for the kind words and thoughts for Amelia. Keep those thoughts and prayers coming to us and share that feeling with others.  It surely makes everyone’s life better.

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