If only you could fix everything with a cake!

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When I am feeling stressed, I eat.  There is no method to my madness, just something to eat.  Not donuts or Big Macs. Chocolate is my sadness go to but I gave it up for Lent and cheating on that is not even a remote possibility.  The karma and bad juju just is not worth it. (But that is also why God made wine)

Food heals. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Case in point: cake.

Every time I either visit Amelia or she comes home, there is always a cake ready to go. As you all know, baking is not my thing so Funfetti it is…with a twist.  I add my own spin to it. I use orange frosting because her college color is orange and sprinkles are a standard.  This last time I went all out and made a hot chocolate cake with mini marshmallows and baby chocolate kisses.  Don’t get me wrong, a culinary queen I am not but these are college kids and I do think they like the cakes. I hope it helps even for just a little while to sit and eat a piece of cake and not think about the pressures of college life.  They are good kids and they lie to me about my culinary prowess.

But think about it, what if you could fix everything with a cake?  I am willing to take that challenge and I vow to up my ‘cake game’. I  think it is time to branch out to cheesecake, panettone bread, (ok- so it is not a cake), maybe even some slut brownies… the possibilities are endless.

As I sit here late tonight feeling the stresses of health, worrying about the kids, Izzy’s ear infection and demands of work life, I begin to plan my next cake. I may even take a whack at something from scratch.  I need to build my baking  skill portfolio and I am taking requests, lessons and all around help in general.

Dust off your cookbook, your apron and fire up the KitchenAid.  I feel some healing on the way!

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