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As I drove home last night, I saw a familiar site: driveways filled with landscaper trucks, trailers and equipment.  That means that spring is finally here, although today you would not know it, it’s hovering in the low ‘40s.
So it got me thinking about spring and I thought I would do something different. Not to be negative but how about the Top 10 list of things not so good about spring:
Number 10:  Bees.  I absolutely HATE bees and a run around like a lunatic if they are near me.
Number 9: Lighting the grill after the tank has been changed for the summer.  I fear that first ignition. One time I think the gas was on too long before the ignition and I lost an eyebrow. I didn’t have to wax for months.
 Number 8: Planting, or buying flowers in a pot that look so beautiful and then a month later I have either over watered and killed or neglected them into a slow and painful death.
Number 7: losing at Bocce Ball because the lawn has imperfections that force my shot to veer off into the weeds. Italians can be quite competitive when it comes to Bocce. Fun Fact: Baci means “kiss” in Italian as the purpose of the game is to come as close as possible or kiss, the center ball.
Number 6: I am not in love with Lacrosse in the cold, spring rain; love the game, not the weather. Go Nisky Lax!
Number 5: Smells of spring:  love fresh cut grass, not freshly spread manure; love flowers as they bloom, not in love with the smell of the steaks I have burnt on the grill.
Number 4: Swimming in a public pool when you look over and see a little guy with a funny look on his face, staring off into space.  We know what he just did.
Number 3: dressing room mirrors when trying on a bathing suit. I don’t think I need to say any thing further.
Number 2: Poopy Patrol. I do not look forward to cleaning up after Izzy when the snow is finally gone and the landmines appear out back.
Number 1: and my biggest fear and the Number one thing not so great about Spring: bending over to trim the bushes and exposing Lord knows what to every car that passes by. I am petrified I could cause a 10 car pile up on my street. (I never trim the hedges during rush hour for that very reason)
Enjoy and Happy Easter. Only four more days till the chocolate bunny gets it.

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