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I could see it a mile away.  This couple was so sad as they ran into the vet carrying a lifeless bundle wrapped in what looked like a family blanket.  Their faces were red and their eyes swollen and wet.  My heart instantly sank.  I was in those shoes 6 years ago with my tiny little poodle Sukki. I knew that look.

It was time for Izzy’s annual checkup and I took her to see Dr. Bart on Tuesday morning.  The scenario I just described has been heavy on my mind since then.  Izzy was her usual bundle of crazy-pug and oblivious to the tears that were now running down my face and the faces of the nurses and techs.  They hurried us into an examination room to wait for the doctor.  It took some time and when he appeared, he too looked saddened.  I asked how the dog was and he said he didn’t make it.  He was 13 years old and had a wonderful life with that family.

Sukki was about that age when I had to bring her that day. She was blind and losing her hearing and scared.  She always shook and oddly on this day, she did not.  Chip was in Indianapolis and I had to do this alone.  It was awful and I can still see her little face.  I left that day with her favorite blanket…just like that couple did.

My attention  now turns to Izzy, this crazy pug and Dr. Bart checks her from top to bottom.  We laugh about her ‘pug sounds’, snorting and snoring and just the cool things that make her Izzy.  I am listening to him, but I am thinking of that poor family.  I’d never make it as a Vet.

izz2I took this picture of Izzy after we came home from her appointment: 2 shots later,  blood drawn and a bit of  Benadryl to take the edge off .

Please love your pets.  They are a big part of your life and they are a gift that we get to keep for a very short period of time.  They give us comfort; they give us peace and they receive no where near what they give.  I can hear Izzy snoring deeply in Jack’s  room. Ahh, peace.



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