I hear Pitbull in my sleep.

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I had arthroscopic knee surgery on Tuesday the 5th.Thank goodness the knee surgery went well.  I had a very good experience and for that moment put aside my fear of the elevator and anesthesia.  I did walk UP the 4 flights to the operating room but was forced to take the elevator DOWN.  Why wouldn’t they let someone under the influence of narcotics and sedatives walk those 4 flights down? Jeez, I don’t know!

So now I am down to one crutch and getting very antsy.  I am not liking the captive, lay on the couch life.  I do not like daytime television and have not watched a soap since I left college in 1984. But guess what I found while channel surfing?  Exercise on Demand!

Time Warner has a station where you can watch, and for those not in recovery, participate in 20 minute workouts.  There is a Latin workout that looked a lot like Zumba! Oh, I was in heaven and from my chair, I was back in my Zumba class with Lori, Dawn and Judy and my old friends Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin and Kumbia Kings.  I was grooving to the music until the recovery police, i.e, my husband, shut me down.  “Not a good idea to chair dance” he said. OK, maybe he was right. (but I burned 281 calories according to my BodyBugg).

That night when I went to bed, and had that wonderful music in my head.  Pitbull is the man and that beat is intoxicating. It makes me smile and feel good.  I know I will be back to Zumba in a few weeks.  My Zumba friends have emailed me and I thank you all for those notes.  I am not a good patient and that helps pass the time.

For the past two days my leg was swelling and quite painful. I called the surgeon and he was worried about a blood clot.  It checked out be OK.  I really wasn’t worried about the ultrasound to check it out or even the outcome. I was more worried that it was on the 3rd floor at Albany Med. (and yes, I climbed those stairs all the way to that 3rd floor)  My BodyBugg said 1421 steps taken today! Can I get a Wa-Hoo?

I have my iTunes library open and I’m listening to my Zumba play list as I type this post. Maybe I should play something softer tonight before I close down? Nope, I am sticking with “Pitbull all night long…..”

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