I Have Pecs!

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Last week I had my semiannual check up with my oncologist in Rochester.  I love her. She is smart and kind but all business when I need it. When I leave there and she tells me it’s ok, it really is ok.

To take my mind off the stress of the appointment and the results of the MRI, I was sitting on the table deep into my Fifty Shades Trilogy. When she came in, she scared the beejeezus out of me and we laughed like crazy about the book and the following that this series has across all ages of women.

She begins the exam with the usual questions:  “Do you drink? Do you smoke? Are you afraid for your safety at home?”  I love that one and if you knew my poor husband, you would say he should drink and smoke just to survive here!  Anyway, as she is examining me, she stops and says, “Oh my God.”  My heart skips a beat as I look at her.  “You have pecs!” she says.  I laughed so hard.  All those Body Pump classes at 5:45am are beginning to pay off.

Now before we wander too far off the reservation of happiness, it occurs to me that I may have pecs but I am losing a bit of the padding there as well.  Does the padding in the thighs or butt disappear that quickly? Noooo, that would be too easy and no where near as costly.  So off I go to Victoria’s Secret.

A tiny little clerk named Abby is going to measure me and help me find a better fitting bra.  Abby is very nice and very young and as I found very inexperienced in the art of measuring.  She does her handiwork and looks me in the eye and says (skip this part gents), “36 D”. I am 5’6″ and 149 pounds.  I am no 36D. That doesn’t mean my gene pool didn’t give me the possibility.  Two little old Italian grandmothers both probably 40-44 DDD’s.

I said, “Are you sure, that is bigger than the current size I am wearing and we can see I have a gap in this puppy?” Abby goes back to her handiwork and comes up a bit red in the cheeks and proclaims the new size, writes it on a card with a little smiley face and out we go to the drawers and drawers of bras and panties and somewhere around $114 later I leave….smaller boobs, better pecs.

I shared this story with the two Body Pump instructors I have at 5:45am.  This morning Adrean said I made her day.  Little does she know her push and encouragement makes mine, every time I go and feel like I can’t do it. I will be sure to add that spin class in 2-3 times per week and perhaps those legs/glutes will also find themselves a bit smaller.

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